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We have a range of Advance tickets for events across our area.  Some will save you money on the gate price and some will mean far less of a queue at the gate of the event... meaning you can spend more time having a great time!


  • AP = Advance Price
  • ASP = Advance Saver Price
  • BF = Booking Fee
  • GP = Gate Price
  • TI = Ticket Price
  • Adult = 16 yrs old and above (unless specfied otherwise)
  • Child = 5 yrs old to 15 yrs and 364 days (unless specified otherwise)

We have the following Advance Tickets available across the counter:

The Great Dorset Steam Fair Adult AP £16.50 GP £20, Senior AP £15 GP £17 Child AP £7 GP £8

Cheddar Caves

Wookey Hole Caves and Mill

West Somerset Railway


Fleet Air Arm Museum

Theatre Tokens



Alcantara - beyond the Wells - Exhibition
Bridging cultures with music and art

Peter Lawrence (Somerset Artist) and Zeina Barhoum (Jordanian artist and Soprano)

Exhibition of paintings of Wells, Somerset, Europe and Jordan with ethos of building bridges (Alcantara), rather than walls.

The paintings are included in a hardcover book along with prose and poetry written by people from Somerset and the Levant region. The book will entertain whilst provoking thought about the long standing bridges of friendship and responsibility.

Exhibition from 28th October to 31st January 2018
Daily 10am to 4pm
Exhibition Room, Bishop's Palace, Wells
Entry is included in standard admission

http://peterlawrence.uk & http://zeinabarhoum.com

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