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We have a range of Advance tickets for events across our area.  Some will save you money on the gate price and some will mean far less of a queue at the gate of the event... meaning you can spend more time having a great time!


  • AP = Advance Price
  • ASP = Advance Saver Price
  • BF = Booking Fee
  • GP = Gate Price
  • TI = Ticket Price
  • Adult = 16 yrs old and above (unless specfied otherwise)
  • Child = 5 yrs old to 15 yrs and 364 days (unless specified otherwise)

We have the following Advance Tickets available across the counter:

The Great Dorset Steam Fair Adult AP £16.50 GP £20, Senior AP £15 GP £17 Child AP £7 GP £8

Cheddar Caves

Wookey Hole Caves and Mill

West Somerset Railway


Fleet Air Arm Museum

Theatre Tokens



Could your child be a Chorister?
An amazing opportunity for your son or daughter!

Could your child be a chorister in Wells Cathedral Choir?

"one of the most impressive of today's British cathedral choirs"

All Choristers are educated at Wells Cathedral School where scholarships and busaries are available

for more information please telephone 01749 834213
or email admission@wells-cathedral-school.com 

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Garden Volunteer at Kilver Court Gardens
 Why are we looking for Garden volunteers?
It’s an exciting time in the Kilver Court Garden as we continue on a path of renewal and change that has already seen a brand new plant nursery, re-designed sub-tropical island, fern stumpery and complete overhaul of our massive 100m herbaceous border, all in the last 2 years! As we look towards 2018 and beyond, our sights are set on some major design projects including the modernisation of our 1960’s Chelsea gold-medal winning rockery and creation of a Mediterranean border by our south facing sloped lawn. We also hope to be featured on BBC Gardeners' World this year with an update on all the changes we've made since we were last on the programme in 2014. But if we are to achieve our ambitious plans, we’re going to need some help!


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Shepton Mallet Branch - Royal British Legion
are inviting citizens of Shepton Mallet to sponsor a large Events Poppy for £5

The Poppy - our National Symbol of Remembrance, Reflection and Hope.

In thanks for your support a numbered Certificate of Appreciation will be issued to you

Shepton Mallet Town Council will display all the poppies across the town to commemorate the Centenary of the end of WW1.

Please pop into Shepton Mallet Tourist Information Centre to sponsor your poppy and get your numbered Certificate of Appreciation. 

Table Top Sale every Saturday - Shepton Mallet
10am to 4pm

at Shepton Emporium, 9 Market Place, Shepton Mallet 

to book a table phone 07901955641