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Upcoming events in Shepton Mallet, Mendip District and the County of Somerset


Royal British Legion Poppy Concert
31st October 2014

Wells Branch of the Royal British Legion will be holding their annual Poppy Concert in Wells Town Hall.

Starts at 1930.

Tickets £7 available on the door.

Contact the Chairman, Robin White, 01749 6735550 for further information.

31st October 2014

Halloween Party - Hullabaloo
31st October 2014

Join all the staff at Hullabaloo for a frightfully good evening...

- Fancy Dress competition
- Music and Disco lights
- Full use of the play equipment
- Unlimited squash

Tickets £6 - all children must be accompanied by an adult (max 2 adults per ticket)

Number are limited, so book now! Advance tickets£5.50.

Tel: 01749 344433

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ADVANCE TICKETS AVAILABLE: Shepton Mallet Firework Display and Bonfire Night
1st November 2014

Come along to the Firework display and Bonfire Night at West Shepton Playing Fields.

Fire lighting at 1900 - Fireworks at 1930

Pop in to get your advance tickets... Adults £4.00 and Children £2.00.

Firework & Stunt Spectacular - Bath & West Showground
4th November 2014



Scott May’s Daredevil Stunt Show, Europe‘s largest, independent, touring stunt show’s 2014 Tour will start on Friday 16th May performing at numerous venues across the UK.

In 2014 we added the WHEELIE COOL BUS to our crazy fleet of vehicles. This massive 15 ton Bus requires a highly skilled driver to use throttle and brake control to maintain the wheelie position as it powers across the arena. We are sure that all of the kids in the audience would love to ride to school on a bus like this one, once they see the incredible balance wheelie it performs!

A new edition to the show for 2012 was the GIANT RAMP SYSTEM which allows us to jump motorbikes, cars, quads and the pilot buggy over twenty feet up in the air over obstacles such as vans, lorries and Monster Trucks.

These take off and landing ramps, although massive, have been designed in a way that allows them to be dismantled and cleared from the arena in less than two minutes !

Here are a few images of the ramp to ramp jumps by the Puma Rally Car, Honda Pilot and Quad from the 2012 Tour. These are just a taster of what is in store with these giant ramps for 2014.

This is a fast moving, action packed show with Monster Truck destruction,Europe’s only monster ride-truck, car-crushing action from Thundertrax (a tank/monster truck hybrid), motorcycle, quad and all-terrain buggy jumps, car crashes, amazing fire stunts and much, much more.

Spectators will also witness their incredible two wheel driving display using a quad, buggy, car, van and believe it or not a lorry on two wheels at some venues, where the ground conditions are suitable!

For 2014 we have the Freestyle Motocross ramp system, where you can see some of the UK’s top FMX athletes flying between ramps at heights approaching 40 feet, pulling off insane tricks and manoeuvres. This will be an adrenaline fuelled high flying performance which will amaze the audience and will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the show.

Scott May has been touring with his stunt show throughout the UK for over 20 years and brings an unrivalled reputation and level of skill to his daredevil show. In the last couple of years Scott and his team have completed nationwide tours of England, Scotland, Ireland and New Zealand.

Scott’s stunt team demonstrate incredible skill and precision throughout a show that is a thrill to the senses. Feel the ground rumble under your feet with the extreme power and roar of the monster trucks. Hear the twisting metal of the car crashes. Smell the burning rubber of the full throttle motorcycle stunts. See the greatest show on wheels!

Those spectators daring enough to ride in one of the show’s mega monster machines have the chance to win a ride in Europe’s only ride-on monster truck. The truck aptly named ‘Slaine’ has 10 seats in the back to thrill the lucky winners who dare to enter the draw.

As well as a ride on monster truck there is a second monster truck, “The Bandit” and an adapted tracked vehicle “ThunderTrax”, which both cause massive destruction. Other exciting features of the show involve fire, pyrotechnics and the infamous Stunt clown, who will be bouncing into things and causing trouble wherever he decides to get involved.

When you come along to watch the Stunt Show, it is easy to overlook all of the background planning invovled in the organisation of the transportation and the setting up of every event at a different venue each day.

By the time you go in through the gates we have already

Driven to the venue
Unloaded all of the equipment from the lorries
Checked to make sure that every stunt vehicle is mechanically sound and safe to use
Set up the sound system
Taken the travel wheels off the Monster Trucks and put on their giant performance wheels
Set up the arena barriers
Set out all of the centre gear and fire extinguishers
and prepared the Entry Gates.
As you drive home from the show we will be packing everything away again. Loading all of the stunt vehicles back into lorries, packing away all of the barriers and stowing the centre gear before grabbing some well earned rest.

The following morning we set off again for the next venue and start the whole process over again. Some journeys are uneventful, others are fraught with punctured tyres and vehicle breakdowns along the way. As with any live shows the unexpected can always happen.

All of us involved in the show work extremely hard in all sorts of weather conditions to bring you our own special brand of live entertainment.

The SLAINE Monster Truck was originally built in Canada with a standard pick-up body and was known as “The One Armed Bandit”. It was imported into the UK and converted into a Monster Ride-Truck with bucket seats and safety harnesses. Many people still recognise it from Sky TVs Men & Motors programmes showing Monster Truck Racing.

With a big-block Chevy engine and 66 inch tyres the Slaine weighs in at approx 7 tons.

As with all Monster Trucks, the thrill begins when the engine roars into life and you can feel the power right through your bones. Watching this massive beast take flight as it leaps over a heap of scrap cars is nothing less than awesome !

THE BANDIT Monster Truck started life as the Carolina Crusher in North Carolina USA where it was built and driven by Gary Porter, winning the National Title from the Monster Truck Racing Association.

As it stands today the Bandit is powered by a big-block Chevy engine. It has a moulded fibreglass body mounted on a specially designed tubular chassis with hugely powerful shock absorbers to cushion the impact of its spectacular jumps.

When fitted with its specially trimmed floatation tyres, which are 66 inches in diameter, the truck stands at an imposing 11 feet high and weighs around 5 tons. The huge wheels have to be removed for transportation and smaller, narrower wheels are fitted so that it can be loaded into its trailer.

With each wheel weighing in at approx one ton a piece, and ten wheel-nuts securing each one in place, it is a demanding job for the crew to prepare the truck for each show. Regular fuel and oil drain-downs, changing plugs, daily, tyre checks and chassis inspections make this a very demanding beast to keep running.

THUNDERTRAX is an incredible monster machine which started life as an armoured personnel carrier until it was no longer required by the armed forces. Scott found it rusting in a scrap yard and saw the potential for a monster project. He bought the rusting hulk and had it transported down to his workshop for its magical transformation.

Tons of metal forming the superstructure had to be removed and the remainder had to be stripped of all rust before Scott and his team could set about creating Thundertrax.

Over the winter months, while the show was off the road, the Chevy body was cut, welded and moulded to fit. The interior was formed to create the driver’s position with new seating and controls. The body was sprayed and sign written, the tracks were cleaned and repaired, oiled and painted, and then the lights were put in place. Finally the driver’s roll-cage, safety harness and remote kill-switch were fitted.

The FLIP-MINI started its life as a normal, roadworthy Mini car. A complete middle section was removed and the two remaining halves welded back together to create this fun-mobile.

The roll bars were then manufactured, tried, modified and re-modified until the rolling action was right. The weight distribution was tweaked to make sure that it would roll on demand and then the finishing mechanical touches were applied.

The tiny car was then sprayed and sign-written, the driver’s safety harness was fitted and then came the fun of testing it out under various conditions: grassy fields, tarmac surfaces, in sunshine and rain, the Flip-Mini was put through its paces.

We pride ourselves on having a two-wheel driving display which is second to none. It includes a Quad bike, Pilot Buggy, Car, Van and 7.5 ton truck.

Over the past five years Scott has been recognised as one of the top two-wheel drivers in the world. Starting off in a car, then a van and now mastering the 7.5 ton truck which can be performed at venues which have surfaces of tarmac or concrete.

In 2007 Scott bought a 1964 Double Decker Bus which is currently being renovated and reinforced for a “World Record Attempt” at driving it on the side wheels in the hopes of breaking the current record of 800 feet. We will keep you posted about this amazing stunt.

MOTORCYCLE, CAR and FIRE STUNTS including Motorcycle Jumps over cars, team body-jump, and the moving ramp jump. Motorcycle wheelies, Honda Pilot Buggy wheelies, jumps and two wheel driving. We also include crazy fire stunts such as the Motorcycle Fire Wall, Exploding Coffin, Motorcycle Fire Jump, Fire Run, Fire Drag, Human Battering Ram and the Human Torch.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION We take a great deal of care to ensure that all safety precautions are followed to the letter. The arena is for access to show personnel only. Even after the show has finished, when all of the pyrotechnics have been exploded and the fires extinguished, the exhaust pipes on the vehicles will still be hot and the stunt props will still be in position. Please ensure that all members of your group remain behind the safety barriers at all times, do not climb or stand on the safety barriers and do not enter the arena at any time before, during or after the show.

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5th November 2014


Faure Requiem - Wells Cathedral
9th November 2014

Evensong Fauré Requiem (interspersed with war poetry)

Date: Sunday 9th November
Time: 15:00 - 16:00


A devotional performance of Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem, sung by Wells Cathedral Choir, interspersed with war poetry. A Requiem is a prayerful lament for the dead, although unlike most Requiems, Gabriel Fauré’s is noted for its calm, serene and peaceful outlook, which focuses not on the morbid, but on the supposedly restful and fear-free nature of death. The piece is considered to include some of the most beautiful melodies the French man ever composed.This special act of remembrance will begin at 3pm, in the place of the normal Evensong service. Admission is free, and there will be a retiring collection in aid of the Poppy Appeal and Wells Cathedral Music.

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Wells Railway Fraternity - W.D. Light Railways on The Western Front
11th November 2014

Monthly meetings in Wells Town Hall on second Tuesday at 1930.

Talk by Nigel Tansley.

Lunchtime organ recital - Wells Cathedral
13th November 2014

Free Lunchtime Organ Recital

Date: Thursday 13th November
Time: 1305 - 1345


Christopher Allsop (Assistant Organist and Assistant Director of Music, Worcester Cathedral). Admission: free. Retiring collection in aid of Wells Cathedral Music.

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Commemoration Concert
13th November 2014

Vicars Choral Commemoration Concert

Date: Thursday 13th November
Time: 2000 - 2130


A candlelit concert featuring a selection of some of the finest cathedral music formen’s voices, and arrangements of popular songs, performed by the highly acclaimed Vicars Choral of Wells Cathedral Choir. Tickets: £15.00; available from Wells Cathedral Shop Box Office (01749 672773).

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Santa arrives at Dobbies
16th November 2014

Come along and see Santa arrive at Dobbies along with many other festive characters....

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AGM followed by Glastonbury Festivals - Shepton Mallet Local History Group
20th November 2014

Meetings take place at 1930 on the third Thursday at The Salvation Army Hall, BA4 5BU. The nearest car park is Cook's Car Park off Old Market Road next to Haskins Car Park EXIT.

Lunchtime organ recital - Wells Cathedral
20th November 2014

Lunchtime Organ Recital Wells Cathedral School students

Date: Thursday 20th November
Time: 13:05 - 13:45


Given by students of Wells Cathedral School. Admission: free. Retiring collection in aid of Wells Cathedral Music.

Dobbies Ladies Night
27th November 2014

Join us for a unique evening out as Dobbies hosts it's annual Ladies Night.

Guests will be treated to a complimentary glass of fizz on arrival and tasty canapes throughout the evening.

Tickets £1 - all proceeds to Together for Short Lives charity.

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James Allen's Snowdrops at MDC Highfield House and other Victorian collectors - History Group
11th December 2014

Meetings take place at 1930 on the third Thursday at The Salvation Army Hall, BA4 5BU. The nearest car park is Cook's Car Park off Old Market Road next to Haskins Car Park EXIT.

James Bond Themed Christmas Party - Cheese & Grain
13th December 2014


Held at the Cheese & Grain, Frome

James Bond themed corporate Christmas party with casino games.

£29 per person (with a 3 course buffet and a glass of bubbly on arrival).

1930 til late.

Tickets £29 per person.

For more details or to book your party contact 01373 455768.

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25th December 2014

26th December 2014

1st January 2015


Old Tools Quiz - Shepton Mallet Local History Group
15th January 2015

Meetings take place at 1930 on the third Thursday at The Salvation Army Hall, BA4 5BU. The nearest car park is Cook's Car Park off Old Market Road next to Haskins Car Park EXIT.

3rd April 2015


5th April 2015


6th April 2015